Our Story

For the past decade, Pongr co-founders Jamie Thompson and Zach Cox have been driven by the challenge of taking Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision discoveries out of the research labs and into our everyday lives. Jamie, our CEO, and Zach, our Chief Software Architect, met at Charles River Analytics in Cambridge, Mass., where they both were charged with evaluating the potential commercial applications of military R & D projects.

In 2008, the duo created Pongr, the first image recognition technology company exclusively devoted to helping brands harness the power of consumer photos. Recognizing early on that mobile phone cameras would become a stand-alone communication tool — often times with no added text for explanation – Pongr engineers developed innovative ways to analyze and translate photo-sharing behavior into what people truly like, want, need and buy.

As brand conversations become more visual than ever, Pongr will continue to help you stay in the middle of the action – whether you’re talking to one customer or to millions.